Can you see why people want this bird?

People in Bali catch and sell song birds.  There are not many wild white mynahs.

Now bird sellers may catch and sell mynahs.  They must give some hatched chicks back to live in the wild.

Pray: Praise God for the beautiful birds He has created. Listen for the songs of those that live near you.

Read More: It is common among the people of Bali to have birds in cages. Many sell birds for income. Private organizations and the Bali government now have a captive breeding program. Breeders must be licensed. Then they are allowed to keep 90 percent of the offspring. The remaining birds are rehabilitated and released into West Bali National Park. Now 420 Bali mynahs live in the park. Psalm 91:4 says that God protects us and “under His wings you will find refuge.”