Grab a stick and a puck and head for the ice.

It is still summer.  But many girls your age are learning to play ice hockey.  They play on indoor rinks.

Girls from cold winter states have played ice hockey for a long time.  Now girls from warm weather states play too.

Pray: Try hard when you play sports. And ask God to help you to encourage others.

Read More: Many children growing up in Canada or northern states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Massachusetts have played ice hockey from the time they could wobble onto an ice rink. Girls and boys play on youth teams all winter long. But women’s ice hockey is growing in popularity in warm states like North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. The U.S. women’s hockey team has won two gold medals in the Olympics (1998 and 2018). Job 37:10 reminds us, “By the breath of God ice is given.”