Baby giraffe gets help.

Msituni (see-toon-ee) is a baby giraffe.  Her front leg bent the wrong way.   

Dr. Ara M. helps people.  He made a brace for Msituni.  Now she runs and plays with her friends.

Pray: Thank God for giving people the wisdom to help both humans and animals.

Read More: Msituni was born in February at the San Diego Zoo in California. One front leg was bent the wrong way. How could she nurse if she could not stand? Zoos often seek the help of human doctors in cases like this. Dr. Ara Mirzaian helps humans to walk. He designed a brace, complete with giraffe spots, for the baby. Msituni wore it, plus a regular brace for the other leg, for over a month. Now her legs are strong and working well. Read Psalm 8:6-9. It reminds us that God has given us a job to do: to take care of all that He has made.