Three cheers for more plants!

It’s fun to play on a grassy lawn.  It’s also fun to grow plants, trees, and flowers.

People are starting to put more plants in their yards.  Plants help insects and birds!

Pray: that people will be careful about what they plant. God made plants and insects to live best in certain places.

Read More: Grass lawns need much water. People often spray insecticides on grass. Insecticides kill bugs that are helpful pollinators. People can conserve water and help insects. Each country has native plants and animals that thrive best in that area. You can plant native fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers. They require less water and care. Less grass means less mowing. The birds and bugs will thank you! God gave Adam a garden “to work it and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15) We can garden in ways that help God’s Creation.