He never gave up!

Paul A. got sick with polio (poh-lee-oh).  He was 6.  He can move only his head and neck. 

An iron lung is a machine.  It helps Mr. A. breathe.  He went to college.  He became a lawyer! 

Pray: People make machines that save lives. A vaccine now protects people from polio. Thank God He gives people wisdom!

Read More: Paul Alexander lives in Texas. He has used an iron lung for 70 years. A therapist promised young Paul a puppy if he could breathe on his own for three minutes. Paul worked for a year to teach himself to breathe. He got the puppy! Paul could be away from the iron lung for hours. He was a lawyer for 30 years! Paul still has dreams. He says, “My life is incredible.” The Bible teaches that every human has value. God knows the number of “the hairs of your head”! (Matthew 10:30)