A lost “Dorothy” dress was found.

This is a “Dorothy” dress from the movie The Wizard of Oz.  It was a gift to a college.  People lost track of it. 

A cleaner at the school found a shoebox.  In a bag.  Inside was this checked dress!  Now people argue about who owns the dress.

Pray: It is fun to make-believe. That is what actors do. Thank God that you have an imagination too.

Read More: The school is Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Its drama department lost track of the gift. Maybe you have seen The Wizard of Oz. This dress is one of at least four that were made. (Movie costumes can get torn or misplaced. Actors need extras.) The university planned to sell the dress. But a niece of the man who was given the dress says it belongs to her. Judges must decide who really owns the dress. Read Exodus 31:1-6 to learn about some very creative men.