They did not have fun on the beach.

Mexico has some sandy white beaches.  Stinky algae [al-gee] washed up this spring.  It is sargassum [sahr-gas-sum].

Navy boats scooped tons of it out of the water.  People on beaches raked and shoveled it up.  It kept coming.

Pray: that people will find good uses for all that sargassum.

Read More: God created sargassum to be food and shelter for many sea creatures. And small blooms of the seaweed that wash up on shore help stop beach erosion. But too much sargassum is a bad thing. It gives off a bad-smelling gas as it decomposes. People get headaches from the gas. The Mexican Navy also tried hanging floating barriers in the ocean to trap the seaweed. Do you remember the story of Jonah? Weeds wrapped about his head when he was thrown into the water. Read Jonah 2:5.