Watch out for hurricanes with “I” names.

It is hurricane season.  Each new storm gets a name.  The names go down the alphabet. “Q,” “U,” “X,” “Y,” and “Z” are skipped.

There have been 12 really strong hurricanes with “I” names.  Those names will not be used again.  Will this year’s “I” storm be a bad one too?

Pray: that people will be prepared when hurricanes hit and that God will be their comfort in the storm.

Read More: Last year’s Hurricane Ida came ashore in Louisiana. It stormed through Tennessee, and then on to New Jersey and New York. Ida was the twelfth deadly hurricane beginning with “I” to hit the United States. The name “Ida” will no longer be used. Meteorologists say that hurricanes in the middle of the season live longer and are stronger. And “I” is near the middle of the alphabet. Other hurricane names have been retired too. That includes nine names beginning with “C” and nine with “F.” Psalm 107:25 reminds us, “For He commanded and raised the stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea.”