The church in China is growing!

Hannah N. studies the church in China.  She says it is growing.

Believers can lose their homes and their jobs.  They may be jailed.

But Christians are kind to jailers.  They tell them about Jesus!

Pray: Ask God to protect believers in China and in all other places where Christians are oppressed.

Read More: The leaders in China want to be in charge of all religion. There is an official state church. But Christians start their own churches. These are called “house churches.” Wang Yi is pastor of one called “Early Rain Covenant Church.” He has been in prison since 2018. He trusts God and teaches other prisoners about Jesus. The Chinese church now could have 70 to 80 million believers! Hannah Nation says, “Look at what God is doing!” Mark 16:15 says, “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel (good news) to the whole creation.’”