Meet “Dug.”

Is it a rock?  A carving?  Mr. and Mrs. Craig-Brown found it in their garden.  Is it the world’s largest potato?

Guinness World Records says, “No.”  It is a root of a gourd (a hard-shelled fruit).

Pray: that God will teach you how to take disappointment well.

Read More: The Craig-Browns live near Hamilton, New Zealand. They named their find “Dug.” It looked like a potato. It tasted like a potato. It weighed 17 pounds! The Craig-Browns wanted to know if this was the world’s largest potato. They took photos and filled out papers. They sent these and pieces of “Dug” to Guinness World Records. The pieces were tested. Dug is “the world’s biggest not-a-potato,” says Mr. Craig-Brown. King Solomon built a house (temple) for the Lord. “The cedar within the house was carved in the form of gourds and open flowers.” Read 1 Kings 6:18.