See the twinkling starry host!

The James Webb Space Telescope is taking pictures.  This star is beautiful on its own.  But look at the background. 

Do you see specks?  Those are galaxies [gal-ax-ees] filled with stars!

Pray: Praise God for the beautiful stars we can see and for all the stars we cannot see.

Read More: The Webb Telescope went into space last Christmas. It is now four times farther from Earth than the Moon is. The Webb is sending pictures of the heavens back to scientists here. The bright orange star in the photo is 100 times fainter than your eye can see. The Webb uses mirrors working together to capture the pictures it takes. The telescope helps scientists learn about the universe. And we can praise God for the beauty of His creation. Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer than all the angels heaven can boast.” (from the hymn “Fairest Lord Jesus”)