Stay a kid at heart!

Priscilla Sitienei (Si-tee-en-a) wanted to go to school.  She was 90.  Did that stop her?  No!

Mrs. Sitienei is now 98.  She is good at math!  The kids call her “Gogo.”  Gogo means grandma.

Pray you will want to learn all your life. The world is full of wonders to study!

Read More: The leaders of Kenya in Africa gave money to schools in 2003. Old people who hadn’t finished school could go back to the classroom! Mrs. Sitienei wants to be a doctor. Her teacher says she has the best handwriting in her class. Mrs. Sitienei loves school. She helps the children want to learn. She also likes jumping around outside to exercise with her classmates. She says, “It is my joy.” The Bible teaches, “Let the wise hear and increase in learning.” (Proverbs 1:5)