It was scary.

Rain pounded.  Wind roared.  A tornado lifted a house into the air.  People were inside!

BOOM.  The house landed in the street. 

Mom and Dad got out of the wreck.  Fire-fighters rescued the daughter.

Pray: Spring is the time for tornadoes. Ask God to protect lives when those swirling winds tear things apart.

Read More: The Castellanos family lives in Arabi (EH-ruh-bee), Louisiana. Mrs. Castellanos was sitting in the living room when the wind and rain hit. She felt the house spin and rise into the air. She was thrown into a bedroom. The house thudded down. She and her husband could climb out. The house was in the road! Neighbors called for help. Firefighters rescued the couple’s daughter. She could not walk on her own. Neighbors helped this family. They did what Philippians 2:4 says. “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”