Imagine their delight!

Scientists went exploring for a shipwreck.  They found it!  On the sea floor near Antarctica!

The ship looks like it did long ago.  No wood-eating worms ate it up.  It has lived up to its name: Endurance!

Pray: What are the hardest things for you to do? Ask God to help you not to give up on those things.

Read More: Explorer Ernest Shackleton wanted to reach the South Pole. His ship was made to break through ice. But it got stuck in the ice. Mr. Shackleton and his men had to leave the ship behind. They loaded three lifeboats with food and supplies. Mr. Shackleton and his captain sailed 800 miles for help. All of his men were safely rescued. The Endurance has been under water for over 100 years. No one is allowed to disturb the wreckage. The Apostle Paul prayed for the Colossians that they would be strengthened by God for all endurance and patience with joy. (Colossians 1:11)