Save these grinning creatures.

Axolotls [AX-oh-lot-uls] live only in Mexico City, Mexico.  Not many are left.  People work to save them.

Dirty water kills these “walking fish.”  People clean canal water.  They raise new axolotls.  They set them free.

Pray: Thank God for making such an amazing creature.

Read More: Most amphibians hatch and grow in water. They change and move to land as adults. But axolotls live in water all their lives. They breathe through their skin and feathery gills. But they grow lungs. They can pop up for a gulp of air. They live only in the canals of Xochimilco [so-chee-MIL-co] in Mexico City. Bad water has killed thousands. God made axolotls to regrow limbs and even hearts if injured. Could this ability help people heal too? Can you think of a Bible story about amphibians? Read Exodus 8 to learn about God sending a plague of frogs upon Egypt.