Desert dust reached Europe.

A large desert is in Africa.  A dust storm started there.  March winds swirled it into Europe [YOOR-uhp].

Thick dust covered cars.  The sky was orange.  People wore masks.  Rain made carrot-colored mud.

Pray: that you will not grumble when the weather is unpleasant. It is God who determines what the weather will be.

Read More: All of the continental United States could fit into the Sahara Desert in Africa. And there would be some empty desert left. Dust from this desert is often picked up by winds and carried to countries in Europe. It usually happens in February and March. This dust storm was worse than many. Dust was flung onto Paris, France; London, England; and Madrid, Spain. Other places were coated too. The prophet Isaiah (48:21) remembers how God protected His people when Moses led them through the desert. “He made water flow for them from a rock.”