Egypt will widen the Suez Canal.

Stuck!  A huge ship blocked the Suez Canal last year.  Other ships could not pass through.

Egypt plans to widen and deepen that part of the canal.  It does not want stuck ships.

Pray: Thank God that He gives people ways to solve problems.

Read More: The Suez Canal was built to connect the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea. The canal is a shortcut between Europe and Asia. It opened over 150 years ago. The Suez has been deepened and widened many times. But a ship ran aground last March. It blocked the canal for six days. Some ships had to sail around Africa. Egypt will make the canal wider and deeper. Then more and bigger ships can pass through. Exodus 7:19 says that Moses told Aaron to stretch out his rod over the rivers, canals, ponds, and pools of water in Egypt. God turned the water into blood. It was His first plague on Egypt.