It is as big as a brick!

This is an opal.  This very large gemstone is broken into two pieces.   It came from Australia.

Its owner lives in Alaska.  He decided to sell it.

Would you pay lots of money for it?  Someone did.

Pray: Praise God that He is far more beautiful than the all the gems He has hidden in the ground.

Read More: Guy von Brandt bought this opal about 70 years ago. His son Fred had permission to sell the gem. It is named “Americus Australis.” It sold for $143,750. Opal once was thought to be the most precious stone. All the colors of the rainbow can be found in opals. The colors come from tiny amounts of moisture and silica (found in sand) trapped within the stone. Light enters the gem and bounces off the curves of the silica to reflect color. We call this iridescence. Read Exodus 28:15-21. Find the names of 12 gemstones on the high priest’s garment. “Jacinth” might have been opal.