It is a gift to him.

Michel R. had an accident.  He could not walk.  A doctor helped him.

She put a small implant and wires inside on his spine.  They signal his leg muscles to work!

Pray: Thank God for such a gift. Ask Him to give wisdom to doctors as they help other paralyzed people.

Read More: Nerves in the spinal cord send signals from the brain to the legs. Michel Roccati’s spine was severed (cut) in a motorbike accident. Brain signals could not reach his legs. Professor Jocelyne Bloch attached electrodes to nerves in his spine. He turns a device on. (It is like a small computer.) It signals the electrodes. He can walk, bike, swim, and climb stairs for a few hours each day. Jesus healed more than one paralyzed person. He does something far more wonderful for us. He forgives our sins! Read Luke 5:18-25.