Manatees need food.

Manatees eat lots of seagrass.  The grass along the east coast of Florida is dying.  What will manatees eat?  Lettuce!

Wildlife workers feed the sea cows near a power plant.  Will that help these mammals?

Pray: Feeding manatees is fine for now. Dirty water is killing the seagrass. Pray that people can help and that it will grow again.

Read More: Manatees look like huge blobs of gray bread dough. They have snouts that are a bit like an elephant’s trunk. They also have two flippers that look like paddles and a flat tail. The mammals move slowly. They need to rise to the surface of the water to breathe. Sea cows in the Indian River Lagoon were fed lettuce and cabbage in an experimental program. One manatee can eat about 100 pounds of seagrass a day. That is lots of lettuce! Psalm 148:7 says, “Praise the Lord from the Earth, you great sea creatures and all deeps.”