This is farming of the future.

No dirt.  No bugs.  No Sun.

Plenty is a new company.  It grows leafy greens inside a building!  Robots do all the work. 

The plants use less water.  They grow year-round.  No pests harm them.

Pray: Thank God that He created plants for you to eat and to help you grow.

Read More: Kale, arugula, fennel, and bok choy will be the first vegetables to be grown at a new Plenty “farm” in Compton, California. They will grow on panels that hang up and down. LED lights will act like the Sun. Robots will tend and pick the plants. Walmart is investing in Plenty’s business. It soon will sell Plenty greens in its California stores. Other California grocers already do. Hebrews 6:7 says land that “produces a crop useful for those whose sake it is cultivated, receives a blessing from God.”