How could a sawmill help?

A grand old church in Paris, France, caught fire.  The roof and steeple crashed down.  People work to rebuild.

The Corbat family helps.  It has a sawmill.  Workers cut oak trees for roof boards.  Each one must be long and straight.

Pray: Ask someone you do not know well at church how you can pray for him or her this week.  Then pray!

Read More: The Notre Dame [noh-truh-dahm] Cathedral burned three years ago. Tall and straight oak trees are used for rebuilding. Each board cut from these trees must be 20 feet long. The Corbat family lives in Switzerland. It has many French workers. The Corbat sawmill is the only one not in France that will cut oak trees into boards for Notre Dame. The company is proud to help. The Lord appeared to Abraham by the oaks of Mamre. Read Genesis 18:1-15 to see what happens.