This visitor was a surprise.

Birds watchers came from all over.  This Steller’s sea eagle belongs in cold parts of Asia. 

How did it get to Maine?  Could a storm have carried it far from home?

Pray: Thank God for all the ways people can learn about the wonderful creatures He has made.

Read More: These eagles are BIG. Their wings could stretch from the floor almost to the ceiling in your bedroom. They can weigh two times as much as a bald eagle. Steller’s sea eagles usually live in Russia, China, Korea, and Japan. No one knows why this bird strayed so far from home. Marshall Iliff is the eBird project leader at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (study of birds). He thinks this eagle will live in North America from now on. “They who wait for the Lord shall mount up with wings like eagles.” Read Isaiah 40:31.