How do you move a city?

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia [IN-deh-NEE-zheh].  It is crowded.  It floods.  And it is sinking!

A new capital city is planned.  Land is cleared.  Buildings will go up.  Will people want to move?

Pray: Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world. Pray for the protection of all Christians in this country.

Read More: Indonesia is a nation of more than 17,000 islands. The new capital will be called Nusantara. It means “group of islands.” The city will be on Borneo. This island is home to orangutans, leopards, and other unique wildlife. Indonesian President Joko Widodo says that government buildings and homes for 8,000 government workers should be ready in two years. Experts think one-third of Jakarta could be under water by 2050. Building a new city requires people to be sure they have all they need to cover the cost before they begin to build. Read Luke 14:28-29.