These are not just pieces of art.

Weather vanes once showed which way the wind blew.  Now we have the Weather Channel.

A museum in New York City showed 50 old weather vanes.  Some were wood.  Others were copper.  Each one had a story to tell.

Pray: Ask God to teach you to be curious about times past. You will learn important lessons.

Read More: The American Folk Art Museum displayed weather vanes from last June to this January. The purpose was to show how tools can be both useful and beautiful. Shipbuilders, butchers, and others often used weather vanes to advertise their businesses. Vanes could be on homes, churches, or government buildings. George Washington’s “Dove of Peace” weather vane once adorned his home, Mount Vernon. Have you spotted a weather vane recently? Psalm 77:11 says, “I will remember the deeds of the Lord.”