What is that tall new building in Atlanta?

It is the TKE tower. It tests new kinds of elevators [el-uh-vay-ters]. Why?

Millions of people take elevator rides every day. Every lift must be safe.

Pray: Ask God to keep in safety all the people who build elevators and all who ride in them.

Read More: TK Elevators’ new test tower is set to open in February in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. The company will test “twin” elevators there. One car will ride above another in the same elevator shaft. These save space and are more efficient (not wasteful). Elevators also need to be used in the arctic chill of Canada and the blistering heat of Arabia. Tests in this tower will be done using freezing cold and scorching heat too. It is good that the people who build elevators also test them for safety. Romans 13:10 tells us, “Love does no wrong to a neighbor.”