This pup will be on a leash from now on.

Liza and her owner went on a hike. Liza strayed from the path. Zoop! She fell into a deep crack in the rocks. It took five days to save her!

Pray: Praise God for the way He cares for you.

Read More: A hike in New York’s Minnewaska State Park Preserve got scary in October. This little dog fell 40 feet down inside a crevice in the rock. (About 10 of you and your friends standing on each other’s shoulders would be that height!) Liza had no food for five days. But she could lick water that collected on the rock. The smallest person on a rescue team was able to squeeze down to reach Liza. The dog was hungry and thirsty. But she was not hurt. God cares for the animals He created. But He cares much more for you. Read Matthew 10:29-31.