This teen made a bird guide.

Jacobo Rendon lives in South America. He took photos or drew pictures of birds in his town. He made a bird guide. Could you do that?

Pray: Praise God that He spoke and the skies were filled with birds of every kind! What must that have been like?

Read More: Jacobo Rendon started a project last year. It is a bird guide. He took photos or made drawings of as many kinds of birds as he could find in El Carmen de Viboral, Colombia. He borrowed a camera. He used binoculars. He wants other young people to think of ways they can take care of the wildlife where they live. The first guide entry is a flame-rumped tanager. Ask someone to help you find a picture of this lovely bird. God created so many kinds of animals! The many birds of the heavens sing among the branches. Read Psalm 104:12.