Mr. W. and Beacon protect swimmers.

Greg W. is a lifeguard. He loves his job at a state park in Maine. He has worked there for 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50 years!

Now he trains Beacon. This pup is strong. She learns fast. She will be a good lifeguard.

Pray: Thank God for the lifeguards who have kept you and many other people safe.

Read More: Greg Wilfert has lifeguarded every summer at Scarborough Beach State Park in Maine since he was 17 years old. (He taught P.E. during the school year.) He now is a “park manager.” But he spends most of his time watching out for swimmers. His lifeguard team has conducted more than 900 rescues. No one has ever drowned. Beacon is a Newfoundland puppy that loves water. She will help the rescue team when she is fully grown. Mr. W. swims nearly a mile in the ocean every day. That helps him to “do good and share” the talents God has given him. See Hebrews 13:16.