Why is this cow in the air?

Hurt cows needed to come down a Swiss mountain. They could not walk. The farmer called a helicopter. It gave 12 cows rides home.

Pray: Praise God that “the cattle on a thousand hills” all belong to Him. See Psalm 50:10.

Read More: Farmer Jonas Arnold lives in the mountains of Switzerland [SWHIT-ser-luhnd]. He has lots of cows to feed. Lush green pastures grow in the mountain above his farm. Herders guide his cows to the pasture. The cows graze (eat grass) all summer. They get fat. They give rich milk. Fall comes. Soon it will snow. All the cows must return to warm barns. But some were injured. Mr. Arnold had a helicopter carry those cows down the mountain. Joel 2:22 says, “Fear not, you beasts of the field, for the pastures of the wilderness are green.”