A tree house is fun for everyone.

Many families built tree houses last year! They enjoyed the fresh air. They had fun.

Look around. Do you see new tree houses in your town? Is one yours?

Read More: Shel Silverstein wrote “A tree house, a free house, A secret you and me house, A high up in the leafy branches Cozy as can be house.” People agreed with him during the virus pandemic. Aaron Smith owns Treecraft Design-Build in Fort Collins, Colorado. But he was hired to build many tree houses all over the country. Parents built tree houses with their kids. Airbnb listed tree house rentals. God’s people did not build tree houses for the Feast of Booths. But they did live for seven days in small structures made with branches of palm trees, boughs of leafy trees, and willows of the brook. Read about it in Leviticus 23:34-43.