Pretend it is Mars.

Live shut up inside a habitat. Eat space food. Go on spacewalks. Fix what breaks. Do not come out for a year.

Four people will live inside Mars Dune Alpha. Will they be ready for the real Mars?

Read More: It would take a spaceship around seven months to get to Mars from Earth. Yet some people are eager to go to the Red Planet to learn more about it. The U.S. space agency is looking for volunteers to live inside a Martian habitat for a year. The habitat will be inside a building at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. But four 30- to 55-year-old volunteers will live as if they are on Mars. They must be people who want to go there for real. God is everywhere. Psalm 139:8 reminds us, “If I ascend (go up) to heaven, you are there!”