It is ready for a voyage.

Isn’t the Götheborg [YEH-teh-bor-ee] of Sweden [SWEE-dn] a splendid ship? It is an exact copy of a ship that sank long ago.

This ship is ready to sail to China. It has not been there in many years.

Read More: The first Götheborg was a merchant ship. It carried goods from Sweden to countries in Asia. It brought other goods back to Sweden. That ship ran aground over 200 years ago. This Götheborg is a replica (exact copy) of the old ship. It is made of wood. It has three masts. Cannons on board can fire salutes or warnings. This ship also will sail far from Sweden to places like England, Greece, Singapore, and Shanghai in China. Ezekiel 27:25 says, “The ships of Tarshish traveled for you [Tyre] with your [goods].”