Bright flowers bloom here.

Claude Monet [moh-NAY] was an artist. He lived in France. He planted flowers on his land. He dug ponds. Lilies bloom. Frogs croak.

The gardens closed months ago. Only caretakers saw the beauty. But visitors came back in May!

Read More: Claude Monet is known as one of the founders of a kind of painting called impressionism. He usually painted outdoors. And he liked to paint the same scene at different times of day and year. He wanted to show how light changes over time. Mr. Monet landscaped his property in Giverny [zhee-vair-nee], France. It has beautiful gardens, ponds, and flowers. The public was allowed back to the gardens in May. The prophet Amos gave this promise to God’s people: “They shall make gardens and eat their fruit.” (Amos 9:14)