Russell kept David company.

David M. was in a hotel. By himself. In Australia. For 2 weeks.  He got bored.

His food came in strong brown paper. Mr. M. recycled. He made a cowboy hat, chaps, vest, and a horse named Russell! Mr. M. videoed their adventures.

Read More: David Marriott had flown to London, England, for his dad’s funeral. He had to stay away from others for 14 days when he got home. Mr. Marriott was in a hotel room all alone. But he has a great imagination. He says he has been making things since he was a child. He made brown paper bowls, plates, and bags into a cowboy outfit. He used a desk lamp, ironing board, and more paper for the horse. Russell went home with Mr. M., of course! God gives people the ability to make all sorts of things for His glory. Read about Bezalel in Exodus 31:2-5.