This game recalls the past.

Horses. Riders. Spears. People in Turkey remember battles fought long ago. They play cirit [jirr-it].

Riders take turns. Half of them throw spears with rubber tips. The others duck and swerve. Do not get hit! Now switch sides.

Read More: Warriors called the Seljuks and the Huns fought with javelins more than one thousand years ago. Turkish riders today remember the skills those soldiers had. They play a game. There may be up to 12 players on each side. One team has long “spears” with rubber tips. Its members try to hit people on the other team. Points are given for hitting an opponent and for ducking or catching a javelin in midair. Teams take turns throwing and dodging. Nahum describes a fearful battle with “horsemen charging, flashing sword and glittering spear” in chapter 3, verse 3.