You cannot tell elephants, “Do not go there!”

Elephants tromp, tromp, tromp along a path in Kenya. People come to watch. Will an avocado farm stop the elephants? Will it halt the money visitors pay?

Some people are afraid the farm will block the elephant trail. Farm owners say, “No.”

Read More: About two thousand elephants move in and out of Amboseli National Park in Kenya. The country collects over one billion dollars each year from tourists who come to watch. The KiliAvo company plans to grow avocados on land near the park. Owners say it also will help area farmers learn to grow their own avocados. But other people want to protect elephants. They say avocado farms would block elephants from getting to the park. Psalm 8:6-9 reminds us that God created people to make choices about how to use the land and care for the animals.