Grandma gave Donald his flute.

Donald Rabin hopped off a train in Chicago. Wait! He had left his flute behind. It was gone.

Would he see it again? Yes! The flute is real gold and silver. A pawn shop owner had it.

Read More: Mr. Rabin was riding a train from the airport into the city. He left the flute from his grandmother on the train. He came back and looked for the flute. He rode on the train for hours. But he had to return to his home in Boston without the flute. He put his story on Facebook. A homeless man had tried to sell it at a shop that lends people money for valuable items. The shop owner knew the flute was costly. He held onto it. Mr. Rabin has his precious flute back. Proverbs 2:1-5 tells us that the treasure of wisdom and understanding from God is what we should seek.