Good news for puffins. Bad news for fishermen.

Puffins live on the ocean. But they lay their eggs on islands near Maine. They feed their chicks herring.

Puffins in Maine get a lot of herring these days. New rules are in place. Fishermen may not catch as many herring as they once did.

Read More: Fewer puffins hatched in Maine for many years. People worked to protect these “clowns of the sea.” Now more than one thousand pairs nest on Maine’s islands. Herring is the best food for puffin chicks. Lobster, crab, and tuna fishermen use herring to bait their traps. Young herring are canned as sardines. Other herring are used in fish meal and fish oil. Fishermen are not allowed to catch so many herring. Will there be more herring? Do you know the story of the boy with five loaves of bread and two fish? He might have been your age. Read what Jesus did in John 6:5-14.