The tiny dishes were fit for a queen.

Do you like tiny things? England’s Queen Mary did. A store made these teeny dishes. They are just like ones in the queen’s dolls’ house.

Someone bought the whole dish set. For thousands of dollars!

Read More: The Empire Exhibition in 1924 was to show the world how modern England had become. A dolls’ house was built for the Queen. It was displayed at the exhibit. Thousands of real architects, craftsmen, and artists added items they had made especially for the house. Thomas Goode and Company made a set of dishes for the kitchen and one for the nursery. It also made exact copies to keep. This copy set was sold for more than $51,000. King Solomon “purposed to build a temple for the name of the Lord.” (2 Chronicles 2:1) Read chapter 4 to see what fine items were placed there.