Is it a space rock or space junk?

Planets twirl. Stars shine. Rocks streak. The universe [yoon-eh-vers] is full.

Paul Chodas [ko-dus] studies God’s heavens. Something new caught his eye. It could be an asteroid (rocky object). But he thinks it’s an old rocket!

Read More: Astronomers study the heavens. They use powerful telescopes to see things our eyes cannot. A mystery object is headed towards Earth. Some scientists called it “Asteroid 2020 SO.” But Mr. Chodas thinks it is a 54-year-old rocket. It had carried a lander to the Moon. Then it went into orbit around the Sun. It will circle Earth until March. Then it will head back toward the Sun. God sits above the circle of the Earth. He stretches out the heavens like a curtain. Read Isaiah 40:22.