They are called underwater hotels.

Wild storms blew in Australia [aus-TRAY-lee-ah]. The tiny White’s seahorses lost their homes. Many died.

Scientists help the little fish. They put cages of net and steel into the ocean. These will protect the seahorses.

Read More: Storms blew off the coast of Sydney, Australia, several years ago. Lots of sand covered coral reefs. Many creatures living there were smothered. Nearly all White’s seahorses died. Scientists took some of the remaining ones to an aquarium. They raised more seahorses. How could the little fish live in the sea? The scientists built cages for the fish. More seahorses will be born. Soon coral will cover the cages. What safe “hotels” for the small creatures! Our mighty God has given us work to do. Psalm 8:6 says, “You have given him dominion (rule, care) over the works of your hands.”