Something was hidden under the portrait.

Did you ever change a picture you drew? A long-ago artist did too.

A camera “saw” under the Mona Lisa painting. A drawing is there. It shows hairpins. Are they on the painting?

Read More: Scientist Pascal Cotte invented a high-powered camera. He spent 15 years using it to scan this painting by Italian Leonardo da Vinci. He found that there was a charcoal drawing under the painting. The artist had made the drawing and placed it over the panel to be painted on. The outlines of the drawing were pricked with a pointed object and rubbed with black chalk dust in a small cloth bag. That left an outline to paint over. It is called “spolvero.” People often have to make changes to things. But Numbers 23:19 reminds us, “God is not a son of man, that He should change His mind.”