The climb was too much for Daisy.

Daisy loves her family. She climbed a mountain with them.

But she flopped down at the top. Her legs could not hold her. Rescuers carried Daisy to the bottom.

Read More: Poor Daisy. Her kind of dog often rescues people lost in snow. But Daisy needed help in July. The St. Bernard climbed Scafell (skaw-fell) Pike with her family. It is England’s highest mountain. Daisy is a heavy dog. Such a hike was too much for her legs. Her family called for help. The Wasdale Mountain Rescue team answered. They brought treats for Daisy. Then they put her on a stretcher and carried her safely down. It is good to take care of your animals. Read Proverbs 12:10 and Proverbs 27:23.