They are back!

Were the giant water lilies gone forever? They had not been seen for over ten years.

Surprise! The lilies bloomed this year. Each lily pad is so big a child can sit on it.


READ MORE: People in Paraguay call the Victoria cruziana the “alligator lily.” It is large enough for an alligator to hide under. The plants disappeared from the River Salado about 12 years ago. But roots remained. The big lily pads with high rims were back in January (summer in South America). Each pad sprouts a pink and white flower that blooms for two days. It smells like pineapple. Hosea 14:5 reminds God’s people that He cares for them. It says that they “shall blossom like the lily.”

Section #6: ​Garden Scavenger Hunt.​ has a fun idea for your young gardeners to practice their observation skills. Create a list of items often seen in the garden and surrounding area: Leaves, birds, insects, rocks, etc. Younger children would do well if your list uses pictures instead of words. Give each child a list attached to a clipboard and a pencil or crayons and then go out searching. Have them hunt with their eyes if you are in a public space. Otherwise, you might let them collect non-living items on the list. See for ideas.