Locusts swarm East Africa.

Desert locusts are as big as your finger. They get hungry. They get excited. Soon they swarm.

Whirling clouds of locusts chomp crops. This is the worst swarm in 25 years. It may not end until June.


READ MORE: Locusts get frantic when they gather in big groups. They need food now. Millions come together. One swarm was 37 miles long and 25 miles wide! They ate crops that could have fed over two thousand people. Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan are some countries hurt by these pests. People try to use airplanes to spray the insects. There is not much else they can do. This swarm is bad. But God sent locusts to Egypt in Exodus 10:14. The Bible says, “such a dense swarm of locusts as had never been seen before, nor ever will be again.”
Lesson #7: Locust Plague. The eighth plague God sent upon the Egyptians was locusts (see Exodus 10:1-20). Here’s a short rhyme we used to help our children remember all ten plagues in order. Blood and frogs and gnats and flies; Death to the cattle And boils on the hides. Hail and locusts Followed by night. Death to the firstborn Showed God’s might.