How big could they get?

Blue whales are GIANT creatures. They eat tons of tiny krill. Why don’t blue whales grow bigger?

Scientists did a study. There are gobs of krill in summer. There might not be as many in winter.


READ MORE: A blue whale has a huge mouth with no teeth. It sucks in a mouthful of water and krill. Then it pushes the water out. Baleen plates strain the krill, which the whale swallows. Other animals fill up each day too. Anteaters catch about 30,000 ants a day with their tongues. Elephants eat 200-600 pounds of fruit, leaves, and grass every day. Pandas eat 27 pounds of bamboo each day. Psalm 104:27-28 tells us that the animals “look to [God] to give them their food in due season.” And He fills them up!