Is this a trick?

Are the cups glued together? No. They balance on each other.

Mohammed learns where the fulcrum (balance spot) is. He stacks big things on small ones. They do not fall over.


READ MORE: Mohammed al-Shenbari lives in Gaza. It is between Israel and Egypt. He taught himself how to balance all sorts of objects. His yard is full of his work. He wants to learn more. Could he balance a washing machine? The Sun rises and sets. Water evaporates. Objects can be balanced. God promises us in Genesis 8:22 that this will be true as long as the Earth remains.

Lesson #1: Balance Games. Having good balance is necessary for children to take part in sports and other physical activities. And we never really outgrow our need to have good balance. Let your kids have fun playing games that have been around for a long time: Twister, the crab walk, bowling, hopscotch, and Freeze are just a few. Have them walk on a garden hose laid out in your yard. Or suspend a ladder horizontally in the backyard and have the children walk across it. You might even want to join in the fun!