Chimneys are bird hotels!

Small birds take long trips. Swifts stop to rest in chimneys.

Many big old chimneys have been torn down. So people build fake chimneys for the birds. Swifts nest and rest in them.


Read More: South American swifts migrate [my-grate] to North America for four months each year. They are called “chimney swifts.” Why? They can swoop into narrow chimneys. They stick their toes to the walls and rest. Birmingham, Alabama, has about 30 large, old chimneys. Flocks of swifts drop into them. Many new buildings don’t have chimneys. Volunteers across America build chimney birdhouses for swifts. God takes care of his creation. Even little chimney swifts! Psalm 50:11 says, “I know all the birds of the hills, and all that moves in the field is mine.”