These friends need each other.

He has four legs. She does too! She has soft fur. He does too!

These two animals are best friends. They play hide-and-seek. They share toys. They play tag.

They are different kinds of animals. What are they?


READ MORE: Kris doesn’t have a cheetah family. Zoo workers take care of her. Remus is a rescue dog. He is her new big brother. Does Remus think Kris is a silly looking dog? Does Kris think Remus needs spots? Remus will show Kris how to play and teach her how to snuggle. He’s not a cheetah. She’s not a dog. But they need each other! God created us to need each other too. The Bible’s Jonathan and David were good friends. They needed each other. It says in 1 Samuel 20:4, “Then Jonathan said to David, ‘Whatever you say, I will do for you.’